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What is the HFI who's who ?

The who's who page gathers information about HFI membership and activities on ALL persons who have participated in the HFI instrument building, operations, data processing, and scientific exploitation in the HFI consortium. Although this information has been validated by the HFI management, errors or typos may have nonetheless crept into this page. If so contact laurent.vibert(at)

Legend of the who's who page :

  • last name, first name in BLUE refer to persons related to HFI consortium only while names in BLACK refer to persons who are or have also been related to the LFI consortium.
  • details : gives the personal details as recorded in the Planck people database
    • date of arrival in and departure from the Planck collaboration
    • last known institute
    • Planck role : XXX can be HFI, LFI, Tel, or ESA
      • XXX_PI: Principal Investigator
      • XXX_PM: Project Manager
      • XXX_IS: Instrument Scientist
      • XXX_DPCM: Data Processing Center Manager
      • XXX_SS: Survey Scientist
      • XXX_CoI: Co-Investigator
      • XXX_Ass: Associate
      • XXX_Coll: Collaborator
      • XXX_TeS: Technical Support
      • XXX_ScS: Scientific Support
      • XXX_AdS: Administrative Support
      • PST: Member of Planck Science Team
      • PSO: Planck Science Office Member
      • XXX_Core: Core Team Member
  • record 2010 shows the activities up to 2010
  • record 2014 shows an update at the end of 2014
  • WG coordinator lists the 2014 Planck Program science Working Groups for which the person has coordinated or co-coordinated.
  • paper lead lists the publication(s) for which the person was either lead, co-lead, or corresponding author of the paper team
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Page last modified on January 30, 2015, at 03:10 PM